Windkracht 4 & 6 combo

Vanaf: 20.00

Windkracht 4 is a versatile roast with complex, fresh, balanced taste entirely in line with the Zeeland salty bliss. (Note: the coffee itself is not salty!)

Beautiful complex flavors, layered and refined. We recommend using this blend as an espresso if you are looking for a distinct coffee with its own character. This coffee is also great as lungo because of the medium roast or even to use as filter coffee.


We recommend Windkracht 4 for pronounced espresso or filter coffee where the complexity is best shown.

This coffee is also served at our ambassador Café de Gekroonde Suikerbiet in Zierikzee, winner of the Misset Café Top 100 2017.


Windkracht 6 is our darker roast.

This roast therefore provides a strong character. A blend with dark and adventurous tones, fully in line with the Zeeland sweet bliss. The flavors that you can recognize in this coffee are chocolate and nuts with a full body, which fits perfectly with a Zeeland bolus or ‘babbelaar’.


We recommend Windkracht 6 for fully automatic machines and lovers of a strong espresso or full and layered filter coffee.


Blend origins:
Brazil – nutty, chocolate with a full body
Colombia – complex, fruity and smooth
Ethiopia – pronounced with tones of citric fruit and floral notes





Delivery time depends on our roast dates and parcel services, but usually orders are delivered within 1 week outside of The Netherlands.


Choose between 350 gram or 1000 gram.

Windkracht 4 & 6 combo