Syrco Bakker received his second Michelin star in december 2018 at restaurant Pure C in Cadzand, The Netherlands and Rob Clarijs won the infamous international coffee competition Coffee Masters in Londen in April 2019. Both of them have been on the highest level of the stage of their craft for a while. Syrco is beside being a chef, also the founder of Hierbas de Las Dunas, a herbal licor local fresh herbs picked from the dunes in Zeeland and Rob founded De Zeeuwse Branding just a few years ago, focussing on a high segment of restaurants and cafes in the province of Zeeland, on the quest to improve the quality of coffee served in hospitality in the region. That brings us to the next thing Rob and Syrco have in common: the Province of Zeeland.

Rob, born and raised in Zierikzee, founded his coffee brand De Zeeuwse Branding in 2016 to supply Zeeland not only with specialty koffie, but also putting the province where he was raised on the map. Syrco, grew up in the province of Brabant, but fell in love with Zeeland in 2009 when he started working at restaurant Oud Sluis*** under the mentorship of Sergio Herman. These days Syrco is famous for his notorious dishes where he incorporates local products grown in Zeeland. Both Rob and Syrco aren’t just connected to Zeeland, but the seawater is in their blood. 
Syrco was raised half Dutch and half Indonesian. This proud heritage makes him mix the best of both worlds in his cooking. Making Dutch dishes using mostly products form Zeeland with and Indonesian twist is what he’s famous for.




The Indonesische roots Syrco has melt together with the roots from Zeeland Rob has in Oostenwind (East Wind), a coffee where heritage and roots are essential. During a visit to the Balinese coffee plantations the gentlemen decdes the Kintamani washed and natural processed coffees fitted the story seemlessly.

In the last few years the Indonesian coffee scene has shifted, where more farmers started to produce high quality specialty coffee. Founders of the Karana washing station, Rodney and Edi process coffee that is grown on the vulcanic mountain Gunung Batur in the Kintamani region.
mproving the quality of their washing station, teaching their pickers to pick only perfectly ripe cherries and constantly improving the quality makes their coffee outstanding.

Rob imported this coffee himself, straight from the washing station to the roastery: fair chain, as we like to call it.


Full experience

Since this collaboration and this coffee is so unique, we wanted to give the full experience extra attention. Not only the packaging, flavors or story, but giving the final consumer a moment to appreciate all of this.
Therefore a standard mug or cup would not do the job and Rob and Syrco decides to pair up with Attach Studio, a local design studio that is specialised in small projects where experience is key.
Together they designed their own hand made porcelain, cups that told the story and improved the drinking experience. Cups where aesthetics, appreciation and drinking convenience are mixed in one.

Oostenwind is a creation by Rob and Syrco and isn’t just a coffee but a collaboration of craftsmanship, heritage and ambition.